AVAYA IP OFFICE 500, the hybrid telephony
solution that fits your business

Designed for organizations with up to 1,000 employees, the Avaya IP Office 500 is an all-in-one communication solution with many features, including IP telephony, conferencing with up to 64 participants, cellular call forwarding, telecommuting, multi-site networking, digital phone, VoIP and analogue network.



Discover why ICF Frimor
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The key advantages of Avaya IP Office 500


IP Office 500 is modular and can handle between 5 and 1,000 phones, which leaves you with room to maneuver in line with your company’s rate of growth!

Networking capacity

IP Office 500 also takes into account the communication needs of multi-site businesses. The installation can connect multiple offices with a variety of convenient features including inter-office calls, busy lights, call forwarding, remote desktop sharing, anti-echo, call redirection, and ‘out-of-office’ text messaging.

Accessible and user-friendly

Your team members will have no trouble familiarizing themselves with this Windows-based multilingual solution. Password-protected access allows the Manager program to manage access levels based on the user's expertise.

Centralized management
and optimal security

IP Office 500 can be managed by an administrator from anywhere in the world. The application can be used locally or remotely. As a security measure, Network Manager routinely queries the data hardware via SNMP and in the absence of a response, it triggers an alarm. Revisions can be remotely activated.


A telephony solution
that covers all services

IP Office 500 provides every service in your organization with an effective, unified communications solution. From teleconferencing and call recording (archiving) for administration, to teleworking for on-the-go staff, or even the customer service call centre option, there’s always a valuable tool for each of your teams!


Top features

Automated switchboard and voicemail

Integrated messaging

Easy call management

Call recording, call history, text-to-speech

Pairing and automatic call transfer to cell phone
or home phone

Call centre

Networking of several offices

Direct inward dialing (DID)

Conference call capacity of up to 64 participants with VoiceMail Pro (personal access codes, help centre, ID verification, recording and conference programming)

Teleworking mode with IP phone including integrated VPN software (productivity check, working conditions identical to those of the office)

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